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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jordan lost a tooth!

This tooth has been loose for almost 3 months and it finally came out today when we were brushing teeth. The new tooth was coming in fast behind it and I think it just finally gave up.

Here she is working on the tooth back on Sept. 1

And it finally came out on the 11th.

See how far the permanent tooth is in behind it.


Gigi Lynn said...

Oh, I am not ready for Calista to start losing teeth!!

Ellana said...

Will you have to put braces in when she is older? Ethan's teeth are still intact. I didn't see any one that was getting loose.
How are you doing? Did you get your internet back? How is Jim's back? Jordan is adorable, as always!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Makes me so sad. I miss her terribly