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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My baby girl started kindergarten today. She was so excited. Here's a few pictures:

OK excuse the underwear shot :) She insisted on taking the bear with her in the truck but left him in her booster seat until school was out.

Such a sweet face!

Showing off her backpack

Ponca's mascot is a raccoon since there are so many raccoons in the area

They had french toast for breakfast. She couldn't believe they got to choose between chocolate, strawberry or white milk.

Waiting in line after breakfast to go to class

At her seat

After school when I picked her up I asked her what she did today and she said "so many things I can't tell you all mom." When I pushed her for more info. she said "my neck hurts from talking about it so much." :)


Gigi Lynn said...

Wow, they feed the kids breakfast? It looks like you stayed for a good part of the morning, at least. What are the hours? It looks like she had a good day, but how did YOU fare?

Laura said...

Breakfast is from 8:35-8:55 and it's free for all kids. Classes start at 8:55. I only stayed to walk her to her class and then I left. It was a little sad but not too bad. She gets out at 3:45.

Gigi Lynn said...

Wow, that's such a long day. How was Day 2?