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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Change of Heart

We have been having some major behavior issues with Jordan again. So for now our plans to homeschool are off. I don't think I can handle dealing with her behavior and trying to get her to learn something. This last week I took all of her toys out of her room and she has to earn them back. I did leave her books and coloring books and I have to see she has taken up reading more. She earned her computer time back on Friday and some TV time back yesterday. She does not have the TV back in her room though.
I'm saddened by the decision not to homeschool but also feel some relief because I have been so stressed out over her behavior lately. I checked out some parenting and discipline books out at the library yesterday. I'm hoping they will help me too. I'm still keeping our subscription to Time4Learning.com for now because it really is a good educational site and Jordan enjoys it. I'm hoping we can just do some fun educational things for enrichment. She is on a 2 week break from school now so we have alot of fun stuff going on for a few weeks now.
Her 7th birthday is at the end of this month and we are trying to decide what to do about her party. We can not have the party here. For one thing this house is in too bad of shape for me to even think about having people over. Plus we don't have a table or anywhere for the kids to sit and eat cake. I wish the weather was more predicatable and we could plan to go to the park or something but it always seems to rain on her birthday so we are thinking of the ice skating rink, the roller skating rink or Burger King (they have a playland). I just need to check on prices. I think she will only invite 2 or 3 friends. My mom will be in town the weekend before her actual birthday so we will celebrate it then.

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