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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We got our first snow last night. It's not much only about 1-2 inches but the wind is blowing so much it is soooo cold. Jordan was happy she got to wear her boots and mittens to school. She's getting more excited to go to grandma's on Sat. She is going in for another EEG on Fri. The children's neurologist here in Fremont thinks she may not have to be on the anti-seizure meds. We will find out more next week when she gets the results in. I have to take Fri. off work because we have to go to Omaha for the EEG and her appointment is at 12:30 but she has to stay up till midnight and then wake up at 6 am so that pretty much shoots the day for work. Oh well it will give me time to get ready to go to my mom's on Sat. morning. We will be taking the train over and have to be in Omaha for that by 5:30. It's an hour drive there so I will have 2 nights with not much sleep. I'm planning to sleep all the way to my mom's (after me and Jordan have breakfast on the train). I'm going to try to work on our end of the year letter this week too. I may have cards sent out by the new year :) Or I may do an email letter like I've done before. Oh the joys of technology.


Nancy said...

JD's not as excited as Gramma!

Nancy said...

Oh, and don't worry about being tired. we can just hang out and sleep all day if you want. I'm not very energetic since this shingles gig and Jordan can decorate the tree :-)


Anonymous said...

Laura, I an so glad you and Jordan get to see grama this holiday season! I am hoping to go see my grandchildren this week. It has snowed over 4 feet and the passes aren't looking so good :( Madison talks about Jordan all the time and wants to tell her Merry Christmas. Well it is getting late and I should head off to bed.
Love Renee

Ellana said...

Happy New Year, Laura!! A happy, healthy, and wealthy one!!!

Womankind said...

time for an update! ~ Mom