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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween recap

Well Jordan thinks halloween lasts for a week now. :) At least it does in this town. We started with the week before halloween on Thurs. they had trick or treating in old town Fremont. We got down there kind of late and some of the stores had closed up already even though they were supposed to do candy until 8:00. We missed the haunted bank because that closed at 7:00 and we didn't get to that end of the block until after that. Then that Fri. was the fall carnival at her school. They don't have a halloween party but they have a free carnival where the kids get candy and play games. Sat. there was trick or treating at one of the little strip malls but we didn't go because Jim had to work and had to use the car. The next Tues. was Trunk or Treat at the YMCA. Then Thurs. was trick or treating at the Fremont Mall (ok, I wouldn't even consider this a mall because it's so small) and finally Fri., actual Halloween, there was a Fall Festival at the church we've been going to with free food, games, candy and activities. I did let her go trick or treating at a couple of houses and we went to Grandma Diane's and Jamie's houses too. Suffice it to say she probably has enough candy to last her a couple months. She has it stashed in a sand bucket but we are only letting her have 2 or 3 pieces a day.
She loved squishing the pumpkin guts between her fingers
Simba thought it tasted good
Jordan drew the face on for me to carve :) Simba wasn't too thrilled when Jordan put him in the pumpkin

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Nancy said...

Looks like a great HAlloween! CAll you mother. Shes' sick :-(